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What can I do to handle a Minor in consumption I received 5 years ago.

Odessa, TX |

I received a Minor In consumption about 5 years ago and the lawyer I hired to take care of it apparently did not. So now I not only owe the cost of the ticket but also the late fee added on top of it, and I also have a warrant. I am only finding this out because I was calling to handle a speeding ticket i recently received. Can i get the MIC, or what can I do to have my lawyer handle the extra cost since he never informed me it was not taken care of.

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You can hire an attorney and they can lift the warrant for you. Then if you are over 21 now you could be eligible to expunge the citation. Call a local attorney.

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You certainly should not even hesitate in confronting the attorney you hired to do this job 5 years ago. Also, you should inform the court of this. You can contact the State Bar and report this attorney's failure.

You should not rely on the original attorney to make things right. Demand your money back. Hire a new attorney. At worst, accept a deal of deferred adjudication. Then seek expunction.

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