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What can i do to get sole custody with no visitation of my son?

Cookeville, TN |

I made a mistake and got pregnant on accident i had no intentions of staying with this guy but when i was 5 months pregnant he was arrested for VOP and ordered to serve the rest of his time. i had the baby last oct and have been doing great by myself. i dont want or need his help and i am now with someone who is an amazing father to my son and thats the man i want to be there for him. The father is a sex offender which was not something i knew about and i dont want my son around him he stays in trouble all the time. I made a mistake but i dont want to make one twice.

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So long as he is not attempting to have visitation then you shouldn't have to worry about it. However, if he is wanting visitation, you should be able to file a petition in the juvenile court in your county to have him either barred from visitation. It's possible he might also get visitation but with supervision. You should talk to an attorney in your area to assist you with filing that petition.

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If you are not interested in getting child support or establishing paternity, right now that is your choice. As the other attorney has responded, if the putative (fancy legal term for likely biological father) files a petition in child support or Juvenile court, you will have to deal with the issue then. Juvenile Court Judges will not be happy to know this man is a sex offender, so you should get prepared and get copies of documentation showing that this man is a sex offender and put that in a file somewhere. If he files for visitation, you should hire an attorney. If you get married to your current boyfriend, then down the line he could file for a stepparent adoption and terminate the putative father's legal rights.

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