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What can I do to get my personal injury lawyer to return my calls in CA state?

Azusa, CA |

I was involved in a auto accident 2 years ago and have a lawyer who gives no legal advice, and his office actually told me it was okay to rent a car for as long as i wanted because they would recover the money. Well the bill reached 6000 dollars until finally on my own i purchased a new car. Two years later i have not received any of the money and when i contact the office i get no response or call backs, i have actually never even spoken with the lawyer, only deal with para-legals. I had a police report in my favor along with a witness and the driver was cited on the site, so not sure why this is so difficult to obtain. Is there anything i can do to speed up the process? do you recommend i file a complaint with the BAR?

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You have a lawyer you do not talk to. Your case to your knowledge is not filed and the statutue of Limitations may be running, and you want to know if you can speed up the process and if you should file a complaint.

1. GET A NEW LAWYER one you speak to!! FAST!! Check out the guy on look for a PI lawyer whose reviews suggest that he has good communication with client skills.
2. Follow his advice on the BAR Complaint.


I would recommend that you immediately call your lawyer and make an in person appointment to review your file. You have 2 years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit for your personal injury claims. If your case is not filed by then you will be forever barred from recovering anything for your injuries. You need to make sure that the Complaint has been filed timely. If you don't receive an immediate response from your lawyer, you should seek a qualified personal injury attorney who can make sure that your interests are protected. A State Bar Complaint will not help you in recovering your damages if your attorney did not timely file your case, however, the threat of a State Bar Complaint may get your attorneys attention so that you will at least get a call back or an immediate meeting. Good luck.


I agree with the idea to contact your current lawyer's office and set a time for an appointment to meet in person. This is usually a good way to meet with the lawyer and speak about your concerns. If this does not provide a solution you may need to consider hiring a new attorney to represent you.


You should call the attorneys office and inform them that you will be there in person to pick up a copy of your file. Then get a second opinion from a new attorney.
If your present attorney refuses to give you a complete copy of your file, you should file a complaint with the State Bar.