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What can I do to get my Drivers License back, if it has been suspended for over 5 years?

Los Angeles, CA |

I have old tickets from my teenage years, that I went to court for, but could not pay the fine. The tickets are set for compliance. They are now with GC service. I know that you can get your driving record cleared after 5 years. Would this allow me to get my license but still have to pay GC service? since the tickets are over 5 years old

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You have to pay G C Services to get your license back.



You have to settle up with GC Services despite the age of the tickets.



After 5 years, CA DMV erases driving record through mandatory actions unit., allowing you to get license. U may still owe GC service but they are a collection agency and can not suspend your license.


You have to pay GC Services in full before you get your license back.

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