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What can I do to get my car back from the impound?

Redlands, CA |

okay I was pulled over for tinted windows and got a ticket for driving on a suspended licenses. Well I pled not guilty and took it to trial and than I it was dissmissed. Now I am wondering since they impounded my boyfriend's sister's car I am wondering is their anyway we can get the car back. it has now been past 30 days, but we were unable to take it out before because of no money, so what can we do?

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The vehicle will be impounded for 30 calendar days. The registered owner will have to pay the towing and the 30-day storage fee to get the vehicle back at the end of this period.

"I did not know his license was suspended"

. . . or . . .

Under Section 14604 CVC, the owner has a duty to assure the person driving their vehicle possesses a valid license; however, if you allow or permit anyone, including: your wife, son or daughter, or friend or relative, to drive your vehicle and that person does not have a valid driver's license, you will be responsible for towing and storage fees. You will not have access to the vehicle for 30 days.