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What can I do to get my car and/or keys back if I am the primary buyer and the co-signer stole my keys and refuses to give them?

Apple Valley, CA |

My husband and I have been living in separate residences since July 2012. We were in an argument three days ago, where he ripped the keys out of the ignition to my car (while it was running) and would not give them back to me. (We were at his place of residence). My husband is bi polar and was not medicated. My husband left on foot before the officer arrived. My husband went to a crisis center the next day where they prescribed him medication. We spoke on the phone today and he told me he was not taking his meds and he will not give me my keys back. The keys include my house key, car key, & my work keys (to a school). I am the primary buyer on the loan to the car and he is the co-signer. The car is still at his place and he is refusing to give me the keys. What can I do to get my car and/or keys back?

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Most dealers/manufacturers can make you a key with proof of ownership. It may cost upwards of $150.00? May be worth it in this case.

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