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What can i do to get custody of my children back after my rights have been terminated?

Ridgecrest, CA |

i had an cps case, i did everything they asked me to do and more but because i had a cps history they kept my children and terminated my rights.

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That's a really comprehensive question. I'm sorry that you're going through this. I really couldn't comment as to all of the facts of your case since it sounds like there's a long history here and lots of facts to set forth. I haven't reviewed your orders.

I would really, really suggest that you hire a very skilled family law lawyer and have them review your case file and advise you as to how to proceed. It sounds like CPS made certain recommendations and that the judge agreed. This is not a case you can handle by yourself. Hire a good lawyer.


In many states, a parent whose rights have been terminated may be able to adopt their child, if the child remains in foster care. You should speak with an attorney with experience in this area to discuss your options.

Good luck!!