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What can I do to fix about lying about my name during a car accident?

Los Angeles, CA |

I was in a car accident last year in may the accident was not my fault and I did get injuryed, however I lied to the cops about my name, I use my brothers info instead of mine. So I want to come clean before the situation gets worst. What should I do? And I also have a lawyer already but the communitcation between us is bad and want to change

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Hopefully this has all been disclosed to your attorney. The error in the name usage should be addressed immediately with a good explanation. It is a problem and may affect your credibility with your claim of injury. The cards will fall where they fall, but continuing or initiating a claim under a false name is a serious matter - so don't do it!

You can change attorneys anytime you want; however, under the circumstances it may be difficult to find new counsel.


If you have a bad relationship with your attorney you should hire another. It is unclear to me what legal context you are talking about. Is this a civil case or a criminal case?

Good luck with your situation. I would advise contacting an AVVO attorney. Many attorneys offer free consultations.


You can fire your lawyer at any time by simply sending a termination letter. Let your new lawyer know all the details.

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