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What can I do to expunge my m2 dv charge for distruction of property in colorado

Colorado Springs, CO |

When I was 21 I got a dv charge for kicking a hole in my own wall and my ex wasn't even home....the sheriif said it was a grey shaded area but the deputy had a vendeta against his ex that had taken everything from him...(told me all about it on the ride to the jail). I was forced into a plea agreement and was not able to recieve counsil. What can i do now 7 years later to get this fixed because its barring me from getting a decent job in my feild.

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There are several options available, but it is hard to expunge a criminal. However, what is important for an attorney to look at, is what charge did you plea guilty to. What was the sentence? How long was your probation, what were the terms of your probation and how did you complete that sentence. Did you do complete your sentence to probation successfully or not.
Also, you did not specify your field of work, but usually if there is a licensing board involved, an attorney can help you review your record and decide what the best option is for you.
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