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What can i do sponsor someone i met here US ?

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i m a US citizen and i would like to sponsor a 28 year old woman who came to US as refugee three years ago and she aplied for asylum she made her entreview and she was sent to court and her case is still in court what can i do to sponsor her?

i would like to sponsor for a green card.

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There are three different types of sponsorship:
1. Family sponsorship - if she is your wife, then you can sponsor her for residence;
2. Employment sponsorship - if she is your employee, then you can sponsor her for residene; or
3. Financial sponsorship - if she needs to prove that she will not become a "public charge" as part of a nonimmigrant visa application, you can provide an affidavit of support for her.

We can help you determine which of these makes sense in your situation. Feel free to call us to schedule your free initial consultation.


Sponsor her for what? (Yes, it is important to know that.)

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An affidavit of support might be useful to her, check with the lawyer who is handling her asylum application.