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What can I do legally about a prostitute here in Atlanta that uses Backpage, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook 2 slander my name?

Atlanta, GA |

I know exactly who it is (internet name and phone number) but I don't know her government name and address. I've contacted the police department several times about this but they don't really want to help because I don't have a name or address. I'm a well known adult entertainer here in Atlanta that she envies so she continues to post false information about me and my family on, she post my mugshots, my daughters photo, and lies stating that I'm HIV positive etc. She has been doing this consistently, at least 5 times a month, on various social websites on the internet. I've never met this girl in person a day in my life, yet she continues to slander me because she has had an intimate relationship with my daughter's father. Can I get a warrant for her arrest? What to do?

I'm currently a full time student working to get out of adult entertainment and I'm concerned because she has posted my real name along with my stage name on these reports on the internet. I'm concerned because this could possibly affect my life financially once I go for a job and they do any searches on me. This has been going on over the internet since June 2011

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Sure sounds like classic defamation. You do have legal rights. The hard part in these issues is whether or not threatening her or having information removed from the Internet will simply provoker further. You're correct to focus in on the criminal aspects. However, law-enforcement really gets involved in these matters. This one sounds pretty serious and you should speak with all fight attorney to better understand your situation and rights.

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Sounds like you need to find a lawyer who specializes in prosecuting defamation cases. It also sounds like you have a viable claim against this individual for defamation. In order to sue her, you will need to know where she lives, so you can get her served with a summons and complaint. Whether you can ultimaltely collect any future judgment against her depends on whether she has any assets. Getting her arrested or getting an injunction against her to stop her from postin will be difficult because of First Amendment issues.

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