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What can I do in this situation? I can't live with this anymore.

Las Vegas, NV |

I've applied for a job and have been scheduled for the interview, and everything went well. I've been hired and went to take my drug screening the same day. As far as my criminal background however, I have a misdemeanor for petty larceny from 2009 on my record, but I let them know upfront about this both on the application and in the interview. I was scheduled for training this morning however, when I arrive I am told my name isn't listed upon the new hires. I am then instructed to contact HR when the office opens to find out what is going on and I do so, to find that I have been withdrawn from my position due to my background being flagged. This has happened to me several times now and I just don't know what to do anymore.

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You are eligible to seal a misdemeanor conviction after two years. Records sealing is basically two steps. First, you get an order from the court sealing the record. Then, you serve that order on all record-keeping agencies in Nevada. Then, your record should read (unless you are applying to be an FBI agent or something) like the incident never happened.

We do this service for $500 plus costs. Call our office and we can talk about it.


Like Tom said, seal the record. Then you can legally say that it never happened.

As a heads up, the process takes 4-8 months.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.