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What can I do in getting something done about the Teacher cursing kindergarteners?

Gleason, TN |

So my KINDERGARTENER came out of the school doors today and informed me that a 1st grade teacher told the kids "get back against the wall P*ss*es you not a Teacher". My child was NOT the only child who heard it. I spoke with another parent that her child told her the same thing. I went to the office and they act like it is no big deal and casualy say ok we will take care of it. The other parent asked me to go to the Board of Edu in Dresden so I did. They asked my 6.y.o several times if maybe they heard the teacher wrong.My 6y.o DOES NOT know what that word means other then off the movie Puss in boots! Why in the world would the kids come out and say she said that word of all words if she hadn't? I have a feeling that the school system will decide that it was jus a miss understanding. I am beside myself on what to do.....

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Recently in Nashville a parent planted a recorder on a child. Sure enough, the teacher was abusive to the kids, so with that evidence, I believe the teacher is now suspended pending an investigation. The problem with your case is that if this was a one time instance, it may not come up again.

Please note that my answering this question, does not in any way mean I represent you for this, or any other case. You need to seek that actual face-to-face advise of any attorney in your area who can advise you further as to your rights.


In this situation, I wouldn't give up and would keep pressing for answers/resolution to this incident. It doesn't matter (in my opinion), if it's a one-time deal or a repeat offense. If the allegation is true, then the teacher needs to understand the consequences of his/her behavior. Teachers are role models for our children. Yes, as adults, we all get frustrated, but I recommend that you keep asking questions, contact the school board again. And, if no answers are forthcoming, then you may want to consider contacting the entity in your state that licenses and regulates teachers to discuss this issue/see if there is anything else that you (as a parent or a group of parents) can do. I'm providing a link to that website.

Note: I am not licensed to practice law in your state. I provide this response for general, information purposes only. This is not to be construed as legal advice. Consult appropriate legal counsel in your area.

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