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What can I do if the father does not follow the court ordered visitation

Grand Rapids, MI |
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Unfortunately, your question is too vague. All family court matters are extremely fact sensitive, and you have not provided enough facts here. I suggest that you re-submit your question indicating in what way the father does not follow the court-ordered visitation. Is he not complying with the scheduled pick up/drop off schedule? Is he simply refusing to see his child at all? Please provide more information and I will be happy to try to give you some guidance here.


Any time a party does not follow a court order, that party can petition the court for enforcement seeking various relief, specifically seeking enforcement of the terms of the court order. The result will depend on what it is specifically that the father is not doing. For example, if he is not exercising his parenting time, the court cannot make him exercise it. What they can do, is take parenting time away from him, thus modifying your court order and increase child support in some cases. Obviously, there may be other solutions and remedies depending on your particular situation.


Each party is bound by the court's order. If one party does not follow the court's order that party can get into trouble with the court. The court can take away parenting time, it can give the other party make up parenting time. If you feel the father is not following the court ordered visitation schedule you should file a motion with the court.

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