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What can I do if someone stole my check?

New York, NY |

My health insurance company issues me 4 checks totaling 20000 dollars in dec 2009. Someone stole is and deposited it in their citibank joint account which was under a person with my name and another persons name. This happened in march 2010. The other person signed the backs of the check. My insurance company checks were issued from their jpmorgan account. My insurance company is not being helpful in getting back the checks. I signed a affidavit with my insurance company saying someone stole the checks. This is why they got me the info but they aren't going after the money. What are my options for getting back the money. I am in new York and these people who stole my checks are in California.

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Did you report this to the police? If the checks were stolen, the crime should be reported to the police and your insurance company, if any. To recover the money may be difficult - I think you are going to have to sue the people in California, in a California court. Part of the problem is that the checks were deposited in a joint account and presumably they would be entitled to withdraw the money from that account, even if you had deposited the funds, Possibly the account was set up differently.

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