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What can i do if someone opens my mail.

Orlando, FL |

I bought this item online i forgot to switch my address when i bought the item i quickly sent the address to the person i bought the item from and they said that it was no problem in changing it. suddently a week goes by and no package so i go back to check out the tracking and it say that it has been delivered and when i see the address it was the first address the one i told him to change so he delivered it to the wrong address and it seems as tough someone living there received the package its under my name and it appears to be delivered to there so i called the post office and they said that if i did the change of address there would be no problem it would be sent to the right address i said ok and hung up then i kept waiting and nothing what can i do?

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From your facts there is no hint that someone else actually opened your package, just that you never received it. I would say that at this point you need to work with the sender, to notify them that they sent it to the wrong address and have them try to retrieve it. At the same time, you should contact the person it was tracked to and try to retrieve it as well as post an insurance claim with the US Post Office (it was insured, wasn't it?). You should also fill out a change of address card with the post office to divert any other mail to that old address to your new address.

If the package never shows up, then you may have to call police, show them where it was tracked to, your proof of purchase, and ask them to try to retrieve your property. Good luck.