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What can I do if someone invades my privacy?

Marietta, GA |

How should I proceed if I know the media is invading my privacy when I can't prove it without someone thinking I am paranoid, have an audio-electronic disorder, ect. when it has gone on for years and is blantantly obvious.

Obvious in the way every move I make and everything I say is regurgitated back to me in some form, from telephone conversations, to in home/car conversations. Everything I do or say is used to, in turn, harass me to get a reaction and is ripped off for commercial use ect. at first you don't notice because who would ever think, then it's a coincedence, then you think you are paranoid, then another coincedence and another and another every single day. I guess it would be called electronic stalking and harassment with me reduced down to nothing and a prisoner of it and no way out without the ability to get any admission even if I call on the phone and ask right out, i am disregarded and made to think I am crazy. It is obvious when everything you do is being stolen and used in any way to suit someone's need.

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You may have legitimate claims, but you can't do anything legally to pursue them without evidence. If you want to pursue this, you need to retain legal counsel to investigate the facts and determine whether there is evidence to justify your suspicions. It is also quite possible that you are over-reacting, and that you need medical or psychiatric help. A good way to start is to find a lawyer you you trust, request assistance and guidance, ask the lawyer to investigate your concerns, and at the same time, seek psychiatric or medical treatment for your personal anxiety.



Greetings, thank you for a response. This is not a case of me having a psychiatric disorder though it has has caused me much emotional, physical, financial, mental, property damage, though It is the reaction to expect. My history may explain a little, I worked in production at companies with former reporters, the last one, I had a problem with being stalked, under diress, I sent some e-mails to radio stations and noticed, I was getting response and reaction and also noticed they were using some of the things I said which is fine I guess if I send it to them, but Maybe I got more attention from them than I intended and it spiraled out of control, it seems I have copyright and intellectual property issues, but don't know how to proceed. thank you for your attention



Should I consult a criminal, entertainment, copyright and intellectual property, or defense lawyer?

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