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What can I do if my step-son's mom calls us to speak with him everyday he's with us

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our sharing plan states "there shall be reasonable telephone contact between the child and parents when in the other parent's care" four weeks ago my step son was at his grandparents house when we were at work, he was playing with his cousins and fell on his collarbone causing it to fracture it. we attempt calling his mother to meet us at the hospital but she never called back until the next day. the next day after we picked him up she called but was unable to talk to him because he was in bed already, she spoke to him on Saturday and then called Sunday again. For the last three weeks it has been like this and since his dad wasn't texting her back because he's at work she threaten to call the cops to come and check on my stepson. The child is fine and not in pain and is not taking any medi

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Reasonable means what a reasonable person would see as normal or not excessive. What is reasonable depends on the circumstances of the particular case. A phone call from a parent every day would likely not be excessive, but several phone calls every day (absent an emergency) could be excessive. "Reasonable" is a term defined by the totality of the circumstances, and the Court would define it based on all the facts available.

Disclaimer: This answer does not constitute legal advice, and should not be relied on. Each state has different laws, and each situation is fact specific. Without an in depth consultation and analysis of all relevant facts and evidence, it is impossible to fully evaluate a legal problem. This answer is not intended to, and does not, create an attorney-client relationship.


I would error on the side of more contact rather than less.

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