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What can I do if my kids father keep calling DCF on me and the accusations are unfounded?

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Everytime they close one case he will call them back and they have to come back out and I am at my wits in about this and it is putting a strain on my kids and me. There is no time sharing in place at this time and I do not know the reason that he continues to do this.

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You can ask DCF to prosecute him for filing false abuse reports, but that choice is up to them.

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I agree with the other attorney that DCF may choose to prosecute him for false allegations. You need to have a time sharing agreement in place even if it's a temporary one to ensure that there is some stability. I'm assuming from your question that DCF has never sustained any findings in your situation? Do you have a current dissolution case or paternity case filed? Without knowing more about your current situation, it's difficult to advise what you may wish to do to stop this contact. Various methods may be obtaining an injunction from the court to keep him from doing this. It also may depend on how many times this has happened and contacting a DCF supervisor to advise them of this misuse of their resources.


I agree with Attorney Morcroft. Your best bet is that DCF will get tired of dealing with unfounded abuse complaints and will put fear in him so he stops.

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