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What can i do if my ex isn't following court order for me to visit with my daughters?

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A hearing was held and an order was entered with the court for me to have supervised visitation with my daughter's every other weekend. (My mother was designated as the supervisor of the visitations). The judge was very clear with my ex wife that she is not to schedule anything or allow the kids to make any other plans on the day that is mine to visit with them. This order was entered on Feb 4th. Visitation was supposed to commence March 2nd. On that day my daughters showed up at the meeting point but did not go with us. They said they "didn't feel comfortable going". Something they had NEVER before said to my mom. Then now the ex texted me saying the kids have an event to go to tomorrow which is supposed to be my visitation day, therefore they weren't going to meet up. What can I do?

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If the order was that mom was not to schedule anything on your time, then you should be able to enforce your visitation. You could call police for peaceful exchange if she is denying your visitation time. You could also file a contempt motion against her but that will take time. I think you can ask the police to assist you to enforce the order.



Thank you for your prompt response. If I contact police for help with this, what exactly would they do? I responded to her text reminding her that the judge was clear not to schedule anything on my time and that it was not acceptable and that I would still be at the meet up point at the time as scheduled. She replied back saying she didn't ask if it was acceptable to me or not. she was just letting me know they weren't showing up so that I wouldn't be there waiting for nothing. (Grrr!)

Abelardo Fernandez

Abelardo Fernandez


You know, I do not know that police would really do much about this. This might be something that you need to file a contempt against her to let the court see what she is doing.


I am in full agreement with counsel above. I would call the police for a peaceful exchange and file a contempt motion is this behavior continues. In the meantime, I am located in Ventura if you wish to speak to be further regarding this matter. My office is (805) 650-1100. Good Luck!

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