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What can I do if my court order is'nt being honored by my ex, the police won't get involved because they say its a civil matter.

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My son is 13yo, he does not want to obey the rules by me. He is refusing to come by me, my ex will not force or tell him to come by me. I am current on my child support and never got to claim my son on taxes. I want my son to be here with me and am sick of going to court because, its the run around- I get a placement schedule- it does'nt get followed- the police won't ge involved- I have to pay support- I don't get to see my son- I go back to court- get a placement schedule- it....... ect. I love my son very much.

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Have you considered moving to hold her in contempt or moving for a reduction in child support payments? Perhaps both at the same time. It sounds to me like you need to ramp up the pressure and push the court to act in your favor. Judges often favor mediation and compromise but sometimes you just have to push and push and push until they act. Eventually they will if you know how to push their buttons in a nice way, of course. Give me a call and I will share some ideas.


Modifying the tax dependency portion is relatively easy in Sheboygan County. If ex is interfering with your placement that can be addressed at the same time as the modification of the tax exemption. My office is directly across the street from the Sheboygan Count Courthouse. You can call my office at 920-459-8490 to set up a free appointment to discuss the issues.

My answer does not automatically make me your attorney or create a former-client/current-client relationship with you. I encourage you to speak with an attorney before acting upon any of the statements I make. If you would like to speak with me further about your issue, please schedule a free initial consultation (in person or over the phone) by calling my office at (920) 459-8490, or by emailing me at You can also visit for more information.


You should file a petition to enforce placement. The court will schedule it to be heard within thirty days. You can request a finding of contempt and an injunction against your ex to prevent further violations . If you would like to learn further about this petition, I can be contacted at (414)225-0225.


The proper procedure is to file a motion for contempt or a motion to enforce the judgment. There are consequences to "going to court" such as, in your case, determining why the 13 year old does not want to visit with you. It may be that the result would be a change in the placement order. I would be happy to explore the matter with you in complete detail. Call me at 920-451-6100.