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What can i do if my boss put his hands on me?

Shepherdsville, KY |

i was at work one day and my boss was talking about cell use on the job. he called out 2 people on of whom was me... when he got done cursing yhe one guy he turned to me and poked me in the chest saying that i needed to stay off of the cell phone also..... is he allowed to poke me in the chest like that?

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He really should not be putting his hands on you at all. That said, a poke is only a poke. By that I mean, if you were to (hypothetically speaking) sue him for battery for poking you (you could), I doubt very much a judge or jury would give you any money for it. Likewise, you could swear out a criminal warrant for his arrest for misdemeanor criminal battery. However, because it was just a poke, chances are it would not be aggressively prosecuted by the local solicitor, if at all. I recommend you let it go. If you still feel strongly about it, approach him in his office, close the door, and tell him politely but firmly that you did not appreciate the poke and ask him not to touch you again. Alternatively, you can report the matter to Human Resources/Personnel. I just don't want to see you lose your job over a poke.

Dean R. Fuchs
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