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What can i do if my apartment is infested with cockroaches?

Jersey City, NJ |

Ive told the leasing office to take care of it but they just send a exterminator and he does nothing but put poison on cabinet hinges. They do come every other week but there method is not getting rid of them. Also I have asked them 4x to calk all the cracks on the wall and yet they have not sent a handyman to fix it. Its almost been a month and there is cockroaches crawling from every room of the apt. After experiencing all this, I dont know how the leasing office has the guts to show these apartments to other tenants without letting them know about a cockroach infestation in the whole entire building. What can i do? Is it a scam? Also near our building there is a pond thats gated with growing mosquitos.

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It appears you have taken the first step in orally notifying the landlord of the condition which exists in your apartment. The problem however lies with the fact that if the entire building is not treated then the condition will not be abated.
May I suggest that you and the other tenants in the building begin a formal letter campaign to the landlord advising of the condition and that if same is not corrected you and the other tenants will begin to with hold rent until the condition is abated. Please keep in mind that does not mean that you are not required to pay rent but but that same is being withheld. You should set up a separate account for your rent payments so you do not foolishly spend it on other things while the condition is treated.
If you have a written lease agreement you may want to review that or consult with an attorney as to your rights and remedies under that agreement.
Alternatively, since this appears to be a multiple dwelling unit, more than 3 units, you may also want to call the township building inspector or board of health to assist you in this regard.
As to the pond next door, if it is not owned by your landlord then your complaints should be directed to the board of health.

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I agree with the other poster about forming a group to complain together. There must be a source for these bugs, and it might be one of the tenant's apartments. It may require finding the source before you're going to get any relief.


You should memorialize your complaints and past actions in writing with your property manager/landlord. Additionally, you should file a complaint with Jersey City's board of health and entity that oversees rental properties. Good luck.

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