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What can i do if i noticed an unlawful investigation that has been going on awhile now to where i think people have been bribe?

Kent, WA |

i feel like Pis have been doing an investigation and bribe everyone or even lac - male is involved . even had them made or convinced me to do things so they can use against me .

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If I understand your post correctly:
1. Someone or some agency is conducting an investigation.
2. You believe the investigation is unlawful.
3. You believe those conducting the investigation are bribing people.
4. You believe blackmail is involved.
5. You have been convinced by someone to do things that can later be used against you.
Is that correct?

I recommend you meet with a WA state criminal defense attorney (in particular if you are the subject of the investigation) and dicsuss what you have uncovered. That attorney MAY be able to advise you on what steps to take after he/she hears your evidence, somthing more than the accusations you posted here.

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What? I don't understand. You are saying that an investigation is happening and PIs are bribing people for help or to fabricate evidence.


If you are afraid of being manipulated by police in an investigation, you should make sure that you retain an attorney who will notify the police that you are represented. That will stop the police from trying to contact you.