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What can i do if i have been falsley accused of taking a drug that showed possitive on a test but i do not take that medicine

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i have been going to a pain clinic doctor for the past 3 years i was given an in house urine test afterwords he told me the test was positive for meth i have never taken nor do i even know what meth is he asked if i wanted to take another test to be taken to a lab i said yes after waiting 7 days the results came back negative for meth but was positive for morphine i have never taken that either i was falsely accused of meth and now i am being falsly acused of morphine so he asked me if i wanted to take another test to straighten everything out again another 7 days wait it came up negative for morphine or meth now he tells me that he has to go by the first test what are my options i have been falsley accused it has affected my whole life do i have any recourse i never saw the first test

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It isn't clear from the posting who gave this test and why.

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I wouldn’t say falsely accused, the doctor is just doing his/her job. The lab results are what they are, and the pain clinic doctor is just going by the results say. Obviously the positive results violate the medication contract you signed with the doctor.

Playing devil’s advocate for a minute, the odds are very high that you would be the victim of two contaminated test results, and that is how your doctor is probably looking at the situation. Remember, in today’s society pain management doctor’s rely on the urine tests to make sure you are only taking the medications they prescribe, and to guard against drug seeking patients.

You should ask to see the lab results to see what amounts the samples contained, and get a copy of the lab reports. If they were trace amounts then that is different than a larger amount. Also, you may want to contact your local health department and see if the lab has any contamination issues.

If the pain management doctor does not believe you about the results, then it may be time to find a new doctor.

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