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What can i do if i found a piece of rubber cooked inside a chicken nugget packet i bought at walmart?

Jensen Beach, FL |

i bought a bag of great value chicken nuggets from walmart took a few out n ripped them into little pieces for my daughter one of the chickens has a blue piece n rubber stuck to the chicken. my daughter bit it and thats very dangerous.

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You are correct it could have been dangerous. In MIchigan, however, "what could have, would have or should have" is not enough to make a lawsuit. You need to deal with what did have occurred. As far as remedies, you can return it to Walmart and discuss with them what is fair. Good luck

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Bret A. Schnitzer

Bret A. Schnitzer


"what did occur" typo:)


Luckily your daughter was not injured. However, since she was not injured then she has no damages and therefore no case.

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Fortunately, your daughter was not hurt. It is a claim that would not be worth bringing given the costs involved.

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