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What can i do if i feel my lawyer is not doing anthing and i want the money back

Newport News, VA |

i feel my lawyer is not doing anthing at all to help my boyfriend who is in jail

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You say "your lawyer" is not helping your boyfriend. Is the lawyer representing you or the boyfriend? Just because you paid an attorney to represent another person, this doesn't mean the lawyer works for you. The relationship is between attorney and client. There very well may be reasons that prevent the attorney from securing the release of your boyfriend from jail in the time frame that you seek. There may also be information regarding your boyfriend's case that the attorney cannot share with you due to the confidential nature of the attorney-client relationship. Talk to the attorney, but realize that even if you paid the retainer this doesn't mean you are entitled to know all the facts of the case unless your boyfriend authorizes hiss attorney to keep you informed.


The attorney is not yours, even if you paid to retain him. His client is your bf and the attorney's obligation is to your bf, not you. Try talking to him.


I suggest that you have a heart to heart talk with the attorney and tell him your concerns. You may find that the attorney has been working diligently on this case but maybe has not been the best communicator. If you cannot resolve your differences, then in most cases the attorney can ask the court to withdraw from the case. If you hire another attorney then an order of substitution can be prepared.