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What can i do if i cant work and is there a way my sons health can help my husband come to the u.s faster??

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Im a U.S citizen my son is too but my son has develompent delays and i cantt work since he constantly has appointments and im the only one who knows what he does and doesnt since im his mom his father lives in mexico we go visit him once a month or when i cAN i heard that my sons health or problems may be able to help my husband get his papers faster but im not sure i havent immigrant yet or started the process since i dont know what to do he as never been to te us never had a felony is clean we just dont ave the money yet to start anyting or know please help

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You can request the I-130 be expedited. You can also request a K-3 non-immigrant to minimize the period of separation. However, you can only move forward by filing the immigrant visa petition.


You wiLl need to file the I130 to start the process. You will also need a joint sponsor since you do not work

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