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What can i do if i cannot afford to pay my payments (probation fees/ restitution/ court fines and arresting fine)

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I cant afford to pay my probation fee/ restitution fee/ or arresting agency or court fines.
my court order on payment plan is $55 a month but revenue and recovery told me i suppose to be paying 3 different payments
-restitution fee
-probation fee
- court and arresting fee
i canot afford all 3 payments what can i do? am bearly making payments. by balance is $101 to be on track. its really hard ti get a job with a felony on your record and a Security background

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Go back before the court and ask for a reduction in your monthly payments or a conversion to public/volunteer work service.


There was one judge whose court room I was always in in San Francisco who used to say to defendants who complained about their fines and fees, "Look, we don't have debtor's prisons in America anymore. Pay it or don't." As far as I know, they can pursue a civil judgment against you, but they can't violate you on your probation unless you really can pay but you just refuse to.


I hope more people read this, a felony on a person's record can make you life difficult, Think about it before you do something stupid,

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