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What can I do if ex-husband won't sing a quitclaim deed after a divorce 9 years ago?

Harlingen, TX |
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Often times your divorce decree can be recorded in lieu of the deed. If not, you may have to return to the divorce court to get an order that can be recorded.


I am not in Texas, but in my state I would move for an order of contempt, if he was to have quit claimed the property is part of the divorce decree. If your ex-husband is unavailable check to see if you can have the divorce decree recorded, as was previously suggested, or move the court to reform the title to the property to reflect the fact that you should be the sole owner.


Read your divorce decree, and see what it required your ex to do. Check with your divorce attorney to see what your attorney proposes as the best resolution. If may be that your attorney was supposed to handle that, and will now do so at no cost to you.

Typically, the divorce decree will award real property to one spouse, and require the other to sign all papers necessary to carry out that intent. If your ex was supposed to sign a deed, but has failed to, your attorney can file a motion to compel his signature.

Good luck.

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