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What can I do if child's father refuses to pay child support?

Cordele, GA |

My child's father is behind on child support and have been making little to no payments over 4 years. he was only required to pay $20 a month and now he owes over $2,000. He have never bought my child anything; pacifier, diapers. socks, kids meal, Nothing. he only spent time with him like 4 times out of the year Every time he goes to court, the judge gives him a slap on the wrist, he always walking away a free man. I don't get it. it seems like the system is more against me and all for him. im tired of having to struggle just to provide for my child without any help whatsoever from the father. I just need to know is there any thing I can do to get him to pay what he owes my child. I don't know how long the judge will allow him to walk freely without him taking care of his responsibilities.

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I'm sorry you are having so much difficulty with your child's father. Since your description leads me to believe there is a child support order in place you can seek to enforce it through a contempt action or you can contact the Georgia Division of Child Support Services (DCSS). DCSS helps children by enforcing parental responsibility to pay financial support. You can find out additional information about the DCSS at Alternatively, you can retain an attorney to file a contempt action on your behalf. I hope this helps and good luck.


It sounds like there is a child support order in place, so you can file a motion for contempt. If your child's father has a job, you can also get an Income Deduction Order to have DCSS take the money directly out of his paycheck. If the child support order was done through DCSS, you may want to file a Paternity Action with the Court to establish paternity and determine child support. You are welcome to give my office a call to discuss your situation in more detail. Good luck.