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What can i do if a lawyer who is holding a consumer debt judgment always shows up at my work asking me how much money do i have?

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I was sued for a consumer debt judgment the judgment creditors attorney always shows up at my work and take all my personal money away from me i told them i cant pay right now, he even shows up when im eating out with my family and asks me to fork over any cash i have, always tells me to go to depositions all the time and ask me to fork over all the money i have isnt that harassment and iliegal? Can he jsut take my money just like that without any writ how about constant depositions what can i do about that? Does he have the right to take my money at the deposition it shows it doesnt even goes towards the judgment

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First, I would be sure this is an attorney. Ask to see his Bar Card. He should be carrying a plastic card issued by the State Bar of Texas that says his name and his State Bar ID Number. If he does not have one with him, ask him for his number. If he will not give it to you then he is most likely not an attorney. Impersonating and attorney is a viokation of the Texas and Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Also, you do not have to hand over any money to him. Only a Constable or Depuity Sheriff with a Writ can seize money or property from you. Stop giving him money. As for showing up at work, tell him your employer does not allow such action. Se if your employer will give him a no trespass warning. Then, if he shows up again call the police and have him arrested for criminal trespassing.

You need to see an attorney about possibly filing for bankruptcy relief which will stop this individual from his harassing behavior.



Hmmm. Wondering why you would give a debtor advice to file bankruptcy just to stop harassment. Is the Defendant not accountable for his improper accountability? After all, he did take the money. I am an individual creditor seeking relief for payment from the debtor....this makes me concerned.


Hire a consumer law attorney to sue him for possible FDCPA violations. At the very least, if you have counsel, he CANNOT talk to you or confront you in any way.

I would also file a bar complaint. This practice appears to be unethical.

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Patricia B. Cole

Patricia B. Cole


Creditors can not violate collection rules and harassing behaviour as you described is a violation. You could sue the attorney and his client for these violations! You should STOP giving him money! Also hire an attorney to protect you from this illegal behavior !

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