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What can I do if a Defendant keeps calling me at odd hours in the middle of the night?

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I'm a Pro Per Plaintiff in a civil suit involving numerous Defendants. One of the Defendants (an LLC) continues to call me late in the middle of the night (without blocking their call), but then hangs up as soon as I answer. When I call the number back it goes right to voice mail without a message, so I don't know whom specifically is calling me, only that it is from the main number of the LLC. This has occurred several times now since the inception of the suit, and I can't tell if I'm being harassed or what. All of the Defendants are represented by the same counsel, and so it is unclear why the Defendants are contacting me directly when they have legal representation. I have formally notified Defendants counsel of the calls by letter, but their counsel has been silent on the issue.

Is there anything I can or should be doing in a situation like this?

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If the calls continue, speak to your phone service provider about whether they can provide documentation evidencing the dates, times and number initiating the calls. The phone company may require a subpoena. Provide this documentation or some other form of proof that the calls are occuring( photos of a caller ID) to opposing counsel in another straightforward but firm letter to opposing counsel demanding they stop the calls. If the calls continue you might want to consider supplementing your claims to include these actions.

Kevin Lewis King

Kevin Lewis King


The poster should be able to see the information you listed on their phone bill, whether wireless or landline. No subpoena necessary.



Thank you this is helpful. I actually did exactly that, including photographing my caller id screen for each and every call that's come through. Unfortunately, even despite my letters to Defendants' Counsel, the calls continue. As this is a personal injury case, I'm not sure that these specific actions (the repeated phone calls) would fall under any of my current causes of action, so I was wondering if there is a specific cause of action that would accomodate such bizarre behavior should I want to amend my complaint? Do you think I could seek an injunction in an instance such as this?


A simple solution is to block that number. Call your phone company for guidance on how to do that.

Good luck.

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