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What can I do if: "I request all the evidence against me" from the prosecutors office and they leave out key evidence?

Lanse, MI |

Photos were taken of the victim and I know the prosecutor had them. I did voice record the conversation in compliance with the 1 party consent. The prosecutor's office said all they had was the police report. I looked over the police report(while at the prosecutor's office) and saw photos were taken. I again requested if they had any photos for evidence. At that time, I was told to wait while the photos where burned to a disk. So basically the prosecutors office attempted to with hold evidence from me.

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If you got the photos, I don't see an issue. Attempting to violate a discovery order likely has no sanctions. Check with your defense attorney to verify the best course of action.

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An attempt, which might appear to just be an honest mistake, is not enough to do anything about. You got the photos anyway. Do you want us to say that the case should be completely dropped because of this? That will not happen.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq., 386-337-8239


What can you do? In this instance, I doubt anything as you ultimately got the discovery.

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