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What can I do at this stage? What to expect in my jury trial? How to prepare? Going from pre-trial into jury trial in a month

Newport Beach, CA | Now all witnesses are refusing to testify against me. DA dragging its feet & maintaining offer as is after another PT today. I feel case has turned into political battle for DA's funding & ratings. Mean time, my relationship with PD has improved drastically due to these new developments but I must be cautious. The other day, two police cruisers drove into my complex as I walked down on the curb, one from each direction. Both know me. One was the arresting officer with attitude. I am concerned DA/Police might be seeking excuses to nail me for anything since criminal case is not holding water. Just discovered from DCSS that my license had been suspended and took care of it. Please advise

PD informed me of status after witnesses contacted her. So DA contacting them should not be an issue. On night of arrest, I turned myself in & cooperated fully with investigating cop. When I saw his report, half of my story was missing which led me to become suspicious of Police/DA. Missing part is the part that would put a big ? on testimonies against me. The alleged charges were pure verbal claims i.e. my word against hers. FYI, ex is dropping from case only after domestic partner almost killed her recently & literally. She's had an alcohol problem too. These are the grounds for paranoia if I am of course entitled to any. I beg to differ as to the political agenda of this DA. My case need not be on headlines to be political. Statistics is what this DA has been using for decades as a measure for its performance. Another conviction even if it’s wrongful is all that’s needed to nibble into the 80,000 figure you gave. 1 vote/count could make a whole difference. I am only using what I know is important to DA.

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Sounds to me like you may be a bit paranoid. I doubt the DA funding and ratings as you put it really are impacted by your case, and I doubt the local DA/Police are spending their time monitoring you. There are over 80,000 cases filed each year in OC and my guess is your isn't grabbing headline news. The D.a. is just doing there job and taking every measure possible to locate the victim and/or witnesses before dismissing the case. That is what we pay them to do, that is what we want them to do. It sounds to me as though you think there is some giant conspiracy by law enforcement to nail you, and why would that be? Listen to your public defender and let them do their job. If the case gets dismissed, consider yourself lucky and hope they don't re-file it.

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