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What can I do and What sentence should I expect?

Orlando, FL |

Hi I am currently residing in Orlando Fl and I got charged with larceny petty theft first offense in Seminole county and I am scheduled for arraignment on July 3rd since I do not have an attorney and will be using a public defender I was wondering what I should expect and if there was anything I could do beforehand.

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First and foremost; a public defender IS an attorney.

To answer your question, there are several things that could happen at arraignment. If you decide to not hire a private attorney, then I recommend that you talk with your public defender attorney. They are going to be the one that can more accurately explain what you can expect.

Good luck.


Expect to plead not guilty and to take cues from your public defender thereafter.

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Public defenders are attorneys. They just choose to represent people who can't afford private counsel.

If this is your first offense, you may qualify for a diversion program. If you already qualified for a court appointed attorney, call the PD office before arraignment to find out if there is anything else you need to do or what to expect.

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Public defenders are real lawyers. Further, I need to know more about your charges and any criminal history that you may have before answering this question. Have you already pled no contest or guilty to the charge? I handle these matters and offer a free consultation. Thanks

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