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What can I do about verbally abusive family member?

Gainesville, FL |

I'm currently enrolled in an RN program, and my daughter and I temp live with my parents. Everything was great until they let another family member move his camper into our back yard. He constantly yells and belittles my parents. He's been baker acted once, and uses that as an excuse to guilt them into doing what he wants. If they argue, he starts screaming. I've heard him say things I hope you die, shut the F up B (to his 70 year old mother). I threatened to call the cops once, but he says he's not doing anything wrong, and that yelling isn't a crime. He has friends who are officers, and claims they told him he could yell all he wants. He scares my D so much that she won't go near him. So what can I do? If I call and they don't take him away, he will make everyone's life horrible.

Thanks for your responses. Sadly, my parents won't do anything about it. They feel like they have to help him because he's their son, and unless he gets physically violent with anyone they won't take action. That's why I was asking if there was anything I could do against him, but my options seem limited. Thanks again.

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And that would be so different from what's happening now, how? If you do call, be sure to call when he is on one of his rants, let the operator hear him ranting. Yelling, at times, is enough to be considered a breach of the peace. I would suggest you speak with the local police and see what their take is on the issue. They will let you know what they would accept and where they would act. This relationship, with the police, may be just the thing you need to back this guy off.

Here is a link to the Disorderly Conduct statute for Florida.


Nothing is worse than having to take care of business for not only your family but for other family members. I guess that's the price of living with your folks for the time being. I agree with my colleague, however, I would talk to my parents about getting an injunction against him (I realize that you are not an attorney and hence cannot give legal advice beyond a certain signpost, etc.). However, it is certainly not an issue to see what your legal options are by speaking with an attorney. Good luck!

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I agree with Mr. Rosenfelt that this is an issue that your parents will need to address first. They need to ask him to leave and if he refuses, you need to seek eviction through the legal process. Best of luck.

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