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What can I do about the divorce master assigned to my case who lied in a motion to the court????

Lebanon, PA |

Divorce master filed a motion in court and the court issued an order dated 33 Jan 09 to comply with dm’s motion. I scheduled an appointment to comply with the court order on 44 Feb 09 with a third party and completed the requirement of the dm’s motion and the court’s order. However on 51 Feb 09, 7 days after I completed the requirements of court order, dm filed a petition for contempt stating I did not comply with the previous
order and issued a court order and found me in contempt of the court order dated 33 Jan 09 in which the divorce master flat out lied and maliciously misrepresented the truth in his motion to the court for contempt. The court signed a contempt order dated 52 Feb 09, when there was no reason and based on false information from the dm. Should dm be removed from case?

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If you are represented by an attorney, you need to make an appointment with him or her and discuss this situation. If you are not represented, you should be. If you are at the stage of the proceedings where there is a divorce master involved, it will be extremely difficult for you to represent yourself and you will almost certainly have a worse result without representation.

Frankly, I have difficulty believing that the divorce master knowingly lied. The divorce masters I know in Lebanon county are good, hard-working attorneys. If the master filed a motion and you disagreed with the facts asserted, you should have gone to a hearing on the matter. Again, this is something your attorney can explain better.

You may want to check with either Mid Penn Legal Services or the Lebanon County Bar Association to get a referral. Both should be in the Lebanon phone book.