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What can I do about someone who keeps making false reports to CPS?

Houston, TX |

My sister has called CPS at least twice that can be proven with false allegations about me and my husband beating, starving, and verbally abusing our three children. The three times that CPS came out to investigate us even they have claimed the reports were false. The allegations are always way off the wall. Such as our 7 year old beating up a 2 year old at school, or both boys being starved for days on end, or only being allowed to eat hot dogs. those are only a few of the ones against us. What can be done to stop her? Isn't it illegal to call a government office with false allegations? We have had enough, staying away from her just seems to make it worse.

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Perhaps you can bring suit for slander, libel, defamation of character, etc. and ask for an injunction.

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You should contact the district attorneys office or whatever your local prosecutor is called and ask for their advice. You may be able to have them charged with filing a false report or making false statements to a government agency or even harassment. If criminal charges are not forthcoming, you may be able to sue for harassment and/or defamation.


You will probably need to hire an attorney to handle this. Possibly a case worker or someone at the District Attorney's Office may be able to intervene. Good luck.