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What can I do about someone that had a private investigator take pictures of me and threaten to send them to my work & family?

Oldsmar, FL |

The guy I'm seeing is going through a divorce. The wife moved out mid-October. She had a private investigator follow us and take pictures/videos. She sent me a message saying she knows where I live, where I work and what kind of car of drive. Has threaten if I continue to see her soon to be ex husband that she'll ruin me. She said she's going to send the pictures to work, social media and my family. Has told her soon to be ex husband that she'll ruin my career.

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It sounds as if she may b e misusing the pictures that she obtained. Florida is a no fault divorce state, so she didn't need those pictures to prove anything for her divorce. You should see an attorney in your area to determine whether or not you should file for a restraining order or consider some other remedy - it sounds as if a number of options may be available.

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Speak to a lawyer asap and discuss a possible Injunction against Stalking.

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Talk to a lawyer about obtaining an injunction.


Have a local lawyer investigate. Avvo has a "find a lawyer" tool to locate a top-rated Avvo lawyer with a low fee. Good luck.


So long as the pictures where taken where you have no right of privacy and not used for a commercial purpose, she can publish them to third parties. Having a malicious intent is irrelevant. The ultimate defense to defamation is the truth, and here, you all know the truth.

The true question is does this rise to the level of blackmail? I don't think so, but your best bet is to discuss the issue with either the State Attorney's Office or local law enforcement agency.


That is extortion so contact the police.

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