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What can I do about second hand smoke in my apartment coming from neighbor? I am allergic to smoke and get headaches.

New York, NY |

I have addressed this with representative from management who said she would talk to my neighbor. Within a week, there was some improvement, but not much. I spoke with representative again and she said she would speak with her manager, bu;t I am not sure what they will or can do. I moved in just 3 weeks ago and don't feel like living in an apartment that is a health problem for me.

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There is usually very little that you can do since people have an absolute right to smoke in their apartment. There are many products that will remove the smoke and purify the air for $100 and I suggest you invest in one as you pursue the problem since the management is not likely going to be able to force them to stop smoking. My apartment smelled of pot so bad I was getting a contact high so I changed floors.

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