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What can I do about pregnancy and race discrimination? The company has less than 15 employees so the EEOC cant do anything.

Fort Walton Beach, FL |

I was employed I was mocked for wanting to wear a lead vest to take patient's X-rays to protect my unborn baby from the radiation. He would laugh at me and tell me how unnecessary it was and that I was crazy. He would also make me get on my hands and knees to clean his personal bathroom floor in his office-he would not let me use a mop because "it does not get the job done." He also would mock my Asian heritage by calling me "Wang" or "Ling" constantly and laughing about it. He eventually fired me without reason.He also told me that before he hired me, he interviewed a black girl with a lot more podiatry experience than I had but he couldn't hire her because she was BLACK and that would look bad on him. What can I do?

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If the employer has less than 15 employees a claim for sex or pregnancy discrimination cannot be pursued, unless there is a local law or ordinance in the city or county where you were employed that applies to employers with fewer than 15 employees. However, a claim of race or national origin discrimination may be pursued under an older federal statute found at 42 United States Code Section 1981. This law does not require the employer to have any minimum number of employees. In Florida the statute of limitations for filing suit under this law is 4 years.