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What can I do about my wife and her boyfriend stalking me and contacting my friends and family?

Arlington, TX |

I filed for divorce a little more than a month ago and during the last couple of days my wife and her boyfriend, who she has been with for quite some time, called several of my friends and family and stated that I am a child abuser, wife beater, drug addict, etc. None of which is true.

I contacted my soon-to-be ex wife about their conduct, but she said they did nothing wrong, I am just making up excuses to contact her and that I am harassing her. She will not stop the harassment and I am unsure of what else to do. He has no money, so suing him would be pointless and he never touched me so I can not press charges.

The boyfriend has used his employers phone to contact a friend of mine, I have pictures of the company name on caller ID. I also have Facebook messages he sent me that included a detailed description of his activities with my wife as well as naked pictures of my wife. This has to be considered harassment of some kind. This has been going on for while now, but the last couple of days have been really bad.

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If you have an attorney notify him/her of the actions of your spouse and her paramour. Your attorney can seek a restraining order and request an injunction effectively forbidden the behavior. Also, a protective order may be sought from the Court.

If you are pro se you can go to the District Attorney of your County and ask for a protective order or contact your local police department and report the actions to see if they will assist you in some manner.

Be aggressive in seeking protection.

Defamation is a tort action that you can file and have joined with your divorce against your spouse which will muddy the water so much for your ex giving you a greater chance to receive a more favorable outcome at trial.
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YOu may consider a protective order. YOu would have to show family violence has been committed and is likely to be committed in the future. Instead of the protective order, you may also consider a temporary restraining order.


It doesn't sound like your wife or the boyfriend have threatened physical harm which is necessary to obtain a Protective Order. You didn't say whether you have an attorney. If you do, let your attorney know about this behavior. If you have children this type of accusation can effect your ability to have custody of your children or restrict your visitation with your children. This is a serious matter.

I recommend that you consult with an attorney regarding this matter.


You may have a civil claim for slander and/or intentional infliction of emotional distress.