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What can i do about my sister forging my signature on a life insurance policy . three life insurance policies to be exact

Yuma, AZ |

i learned about the policies in superior court there is four siblings my mother left behind and donna was the representative and she was to divide everything four ways instead she got greedy and forged names and kept everything now i know why she used to practice my mothers signature . is there anything i can do i dont even know the name of the insurance company

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The can retain a life insurance lawyer to contest the forgery.


Insurance fraud is a punishable Felony . Elderly abuse, fraud and exploitation is a further heightened crime and the punishment is increased and severe. In addition to calling the insurance company and reporting the fraud you should call the local police asap and report the potential crime. You may need legal assistance to deal with the insurance company or you may not. Many States also have an Elder Exploitation Department you should call to report the crime.
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