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What can i do about my lawyer trying o use a different case to settle things and it has nothing to do with why i hired her

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i hired a lawyer to help me add to the parenting time of when i get mydaughter back from her over noght visit with with her dad because her dad is now playing the game of there is no set set time when you get her back so he will bring her back when ever he wants their has been time where he did not bring her back and when i get the police involved they never do anything because we have joint custody and no time set when my lawyer talk to his lawyer they agreed that yes thats is fair but now they came back saying no unless i drop tthe charges on him for him breaking a restrining order back in may of 2012 and now my lawyer is saying she needs to listen to the tape which has nothing to do with what i hired for and i feel like she is up to no good and is taking more money then she needs to

and now she is trying to working with the other atty for this and i told her i did not hire her for that and that she needs to just worry about the parenying agreement. i have actually talked to my dather father and he things both lawyers are up to no good just to get more money but i cant trust him. and i am wodering id=f i can get my full refund bck because she is nit working in what i hired her for and i did not sign any pappers with her for eighther case saying it was ok

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I understand your frustration and the best thing you can do is to talk to you lawyer about your concerns. Also remember that your lawyer works for you and you can fire your attorney at any time, however, your attorney has a right to be compensated for the work she has completed per your fee agreement with him/her. Best of luck.

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