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What can I do about my ex accusing me of putting my sons life in "jeopardy" and constantly accusing me off making our son suffer

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This sort of thing has been going on for 16 months now and we got temp orders in Nov. 2012 so not that long ago, before and after this he is constantly saying our son is suffering because of me and now claims, his life is in jeopardy because of me and my family. He refuses to follow the orders and i have proof of this and he now claims I do not follow them but has no proof because I do follow them, what can I do about all this, I am not going to put up with it months of his harassment and slander, and yes mild threats.

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Unfortunately, these kinds of accusations happen a lot in custody disputes. If there is no merit to the claims, then understand your ex might be a high-conflict personality. It will be up to you to rise above the conflict and put your child's needs first. Read any of Bill Eddy's books ( and follow his advice. Document, document, document. Keep your communications written; that way, if your ex is violating orders, you can prove he is violating them.


As suggested, Document everything.
If it is a custody / visitation issue, report the violations [be reasonable 15 min - 1/2 hour late is not beyonfd all reasonableness].

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so he is required to tell me if he will not make it to the visit for that day, so if 30min after he was suppose to be there i here no word on weather he is coming or not, I can or cannot disregard the visit?


Consider moving forward with a Final Hearing, it's possible that the current status of your case- between the Temporary Orders and Final Orders- is creating additional friction that may not exist once both parents have Final Orders in place. There's no guarantee that the allegations will stop once you have Final Orders but the circumstances might improve once the orders are no longer considered "temporary". Lastly, contact an attorney to discuss the specific allegations involved in your case and for more specific advice on how to rebut those allegations. It is important to have an advocate taking a close look at the allegations and working directly with you. Feel free to contact my office.

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