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What can i do about cyber bullying, slander, stalking and harrassment? what legal actions can i take and who do i go to?

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My current BF ex wife has been harassing me since march of this year. i have let most of it go as not to feed into it. She has hacked my private FB messages in which she has admitted to and sent pic of my inbox to me. in that case I did block her and whoever else she might be tied to that has not helped. she is still monitoring my profiles fb, instagram. recently she has posted an inappropiratly pic of me on her fb in which case she made public and put a ton of hashtags(#) with the pic a lot of obscene comments was made by her and her friends. what legal action can i take? and how long do i have to do so? this is a nightmare thank u so much. and i do have pics of her profile which shows what she has posted. and i kept all text messages.

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The ex wife is acting in a manner that is creating several different layers of liability for her actions. Unfortunately, the facts you have listed do not equate to a crime the local police would wish to get involved with; you are going to need to hire an attorney.

Please feel free to contact me for a no charge consultation. I am experienced in Internet defamation cases.


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