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What can I do about a will not being properly executed in Alabama?

Dothan, AL |

My dad died last year. I had not seen a copy of his will until this week. My dad's guardian has lied to me. At the funeral, he said my dad left his house and contents to someone else. Then he came by a few months later with papers for me to sign, so I did. I think I signed the house away. I'm not sure, it all happened so fast. The will says the house is mine. It also has a clause that no one can contest the will. But, the executor/guardian has not done what my dad wanted him too. I am supposed to receive some money on the anniversary of dad's death. But, the guy hasn't said anything at all. The guardian is a government official. I'm almost scared to get in any kind of fight with him. Is there anything I can do?

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Hire a lawyer as soon as possible. There are many possibilities. It is too much to describe here. GET A LAWYER NOW!


You should hire an attorney as soon as possible.

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