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What can I do about a neighbor who is not violating city ordinance but is severely affecting my peace and quiet?

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I have a neighbor who listens to music day and night . I have contacted the HOS and his landlord numerous times and the basic response is , " If he is not breaking the law or violating ordinances , there's nothing we can do . His rights to enjoy his dwelling are protected under these laws . " I have tried civilly resolving this with the neighbor but he repeats exactly what his landlord told me . He is a renter and I own my condo . I have called the police x on him but they cannot write a formal citation due to the time of day or that it is not quite at the illegal decibel . I understand he is not breaking laws but does his right to enjoy his music under legal decibels trump my right to peace and quiet in home ? Does a home owner not have more say than a renting tenant ? Any help would be appreciated

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You could sue him for creating a private nuisance. It is a tough claim and no guarantees that you would win. You will have to pay significant fees to an attorney to handle it. Why not contact the owner and see if the owner can assist?

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You have a right to enjoy your residence and it sounds like you only have 3 options to accomplish that. 1) Move out. 2) Neighbor moves out or stops or 3) You file a lawsuit.

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