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What can i do about a failure to yield to emergency vehicle judgment?

Hempstead, NY |

A few months ago i was stopped for speeding, went to court yesterday and instead of them fining me for speeding they handed me a judgement for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, claiming it was a lesser charge with 3pts added to my driving record, then charged me close to $300 in fees, from what I hear, it is a more serious offense, what should i do?

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There's been a judgment entered against you. The only options available to you are to either pay the fine and learn to live with it, or hire an attorney to try to appeal the judgment for you.


Your options depend where and how long ago this happened.

Michael E Beer, Esq


Failure to yield the right of away is not more serious than speeding. In fact, if the speeding ticket was for exceeding 16 mph (or more) above the limit, then the speeding ticket is worse. In any event, since you already plead guilty to the reduced charge and paid the fine, there isn't much you can do about it now. Be careful if you get any more tickets as you may subject yourself to the Driver Assessment Fee (a fee imposed on motorists with 6 or more points).

Feel free to call me with any questions.

Matthew Weiss, Esq.


A main reason people choose to plead an offense outside of the speeding category is that if one accumulates 3 speeds in eighteen months there is a MANDATORY 6 month revocation.
This is not up to a judge's discretion. Therefore, by pleading your speed down to reduce the likelihood of this happening.